NBC News: ‘Gay Conservative Behind Twinks4Trump Takes on Liberal Puritans’

Lucian Wintrich/Instagram
Lucian Wintrich/Instagram

Gay conservative and creator of the Twinks4Trump photo series Lucian Wintrich spoke to NBC News to discuss the backlash he has received since coming out as a conservative Trump supporter.

“I was just reading a book about how you need to watch out as a conservative. ‘People are going to silence your voice, they’re going to shut down your social media accounts, they’re going to reach out to people you know, your friends, your family, your employer’. I sort of dismissed and said, ‘No, no, there’s no way any of this would happen to me,'” said Wintrich in his interview with NBC News.

“I wake up and I read the paper, I write an article, I take semi-homoerotic photos of gay kids in Trump hats, where’s the real outrage there?” he asked.

The feature shows the numerous threats and abuse sent towards Wintrich since coming out as a conservative.

“Just don’t show your face in any gay club in NYC,” read one message. “Lucian, maybe you should enroll in a conversion therapy treatment plan, because WE don’t want you in our collective family!” said another, from what appeared to be a gay Hillary Clinton supporter.

“Twinks for Trump combines these stereotypes about young gay men and these deep stereotypes about conservatives, and kind of tosses them up a little bit,” explained Wintrich. “To be gay and then conservative, which are two major labels, you have to fight harder, and research more, and read more than anybody else, because you’re going to be continuously challenged.”

Wintrich, whose Twinks4Trump photo series appeared at the Gays for Trump party during the Republican National Convention in July, was suspended from Facebook in August, only to be reinstated after public and media backlash.

Wintrich was also fired from his job shortly after being praised by Yiannopoulos in a column about gay conservatives, with the company claiming that he would have to “sever ties with the company immediately” before deactivating his work email just hours after.

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