Twitter Sued by Investor Accusing Social Network of Lying About User Growth

The number of monthly active Twitter users edged up to 313 million, up three percent from a year ago and only slightly more than the 310 million in the past quarter

Twitter Inc. is being sued by an investor for failing to deliver on and allegedly lying about the rate of their user growth, Bloomberg reports.

A lawsuit was filed against Twitter Inc. on Friday in San Francisco by an investor who felt that Twitter misled them when discussing active users on the platform. In November 2014, Twitter promised investors that their active monthly users would increase to 550 million in the “intermediate” term and billions in the “longer term.”

Twitter, however, failed to deliver on both fronts, with just 313 million users on the platform as of June 30th. Two law firms, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP and Khang & Khang LLP, want to extend the suit to class-action status against the company, representing all current Twitter shareholders who bought stock between Feb 2015 and July 2015.

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos previously predicted that following his permanent ban from Twitter, investors should worry about his removal: “If Twitter does change the rules to clamp down on the most fun people, interesting people, on its platform, people are going to leave.”

When asked for comment on the lawsuit being brought against Twitter, Yiannpoulos said, “Twitter’s strategy is one hundred percent wrong, they’re cracking down on ‘abuse’ and ‘harassment’ when they should be doubling down on free speech.” Milo was banned due to a fight with Ghostbusters (2016) actress Leslie Jones, followed by Twitter banning his podcast account.

Yiannopoulos, however, has refused to back down, as he stated in an interview with CNN.

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened, according to Yiannopoulos, and it seems like Twitter is in for a long legal battle in the coming months.

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