Twitter Doubles Down: Milo’s Podcast Account Banned

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The twitter account for Milo Yiannopoulos’s weekly podcast has been suspended, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey continues to wage war against conservative media.

The suspension comes after Twitter permanently banned Milo from Twitter in July, when he criticised actress Leslie Jones and her role in the box office flop Ghostbusters. 

The podcast has been a massive success since its launch, with Milo talking to high-profile guests including conservative commentator Ann Coulter, pharmaceutical tycoon Martin Skhreli, and TIME journalist Joel Stein. The show debuted as the 21st-most popular podcast on iTunes.

“The Milo Show” Twitter account is not run by Milo himself and merely operates as a platform to promote the latest episodes of the show. It has never violated Twitter’s terms of service.

Twitter has not yet provided a justification for the suspension.

In a statement, Milo Yiannopoulos said:

“Twitter is clearly stupid as well as biased. As election day nears, they’re doubling down on attempts to influence the result, yet all this is likely to do is make more people sympathize with our side. I will get a larger audience from this, not a smaller one.

Moreover, there is no escape for Twitter on the question of political bias now. My podcast account was not managed by me, and never violated Twitter’s terms of service. I suspect this ban is like the last one — part of the company’s desperate attempts to appease left-wing celebrities.

It won’t help. As we recently reported, the company’s co-founder is already recommending a buyout. It’s the end of the road for Twitter — no wonder they want to use all the dwindling influence they have, before it’s gone completely.”

We will update this article as the story develops.

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