Gawker Lives: Palmer Luckey’s Girlfriend Harassed Off Twitter After Gizmodo Hit Piece

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Palmer Luckey’s girlfriend deactivated her Twitter account after Gizmodo, Gawker’s technology vertical, published a hit piece that delved into her private life, personal Instagram pictures, and exposing her political views, despite her lack of newsworthiness.

In their article reporting on the recent revelations that Luckey has been funding a pro-Trump organization, Gizmodo reporter Bryan Menegus dedicated over half of the piece to Luckey’s non-famous girlfriend, posting information and pictures from her private life, whilst criticizing her pro-GamerGate and Trump views.

“Luckey is also in a longterm relationship with Nicole Edelmann, aka Nikki Moxxi, a cosplayer, vocal member of the GamerGate movement, and active Trump supporter,” wrote Menegus, dedicating more words in the piece to Luckey’s girlfriend than the millionaire himself.

“Edelmann, who according to a New York Observer article from 2015, lives with and has been dating Luckey for approximately five years (as recently as this past spring, Luckey and Edelmann appeared to be in a relationship on social media),” he continued. “Edelmann’s social media accounts are rife with GamerGate support posts. She frequently shit-talks feminist Anita Sarkeesian, mocks ‘SJWs,’ and tweets pictures of herself at Trump events. She’s cosplayed as GamerGater mascot Vivian James, and been photographed at GamerGate meet-ups around San Fransisco.”

Menegus continued to post screenshots of Edelmann’s social media posts, including Instagram pictures from four months ago and tweets from January.

Since Gizmodo published their article, numerous users took to Twitter to further harass Edelmann, including Techcrunch columnist Kim-Mai Cutler.

Edelmann has since deactivated her Twitter account.

A large group of people on Twitter have responded to Gizmodo’s piece with #OPDoubleVision, which seeks to coordinate emails about their concerns to Gizmodo’s parent Univision, as well as their many advertisers.

Gawker’s main site was shut down in August after being purchased by Univision, with the company renaming itself to Gizmodo Media.

The news outlet was frequently accused of bullying and harassing people throughout its run before going bankrupt as a result of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit.

Breitbart Tech has reached out for comment from Gizmodo, but have yet to receive a reply. Menegus has also failed to respond on Twitter.

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