Facebook ‘Secret Conversations’ Accused of Enabling Online Cheaters


The addition of “secret conversations” to Facebook’s Messenger app has caused some users to accuse the tech company of enabling online infidelity.

The update to the Messenger app caused some to rejoice at the idea of greater online privacy, an issue that has become a hot topic in recent times. However, others believe that the introduction of these “secret conversations” will allow users to cheat without their partners knowledge.

The update works by adding a “secret” button to each Messenger chat. When this button is enabled the user will only be able to read the secret messages on the devices that they used when enable the button. If they were to log into their account on another device, the conversation would not be accessible.

CNNMoney reports that the messages can also be set to expire after a defined amount of time, not unlike the popular image and video sharing app, Snapchat.

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