University Of Illinois Sponsors Professor Who Compared Trump Voters To KKK Supporters

The Republican party has been accused of alienating black voters and one man in particular is getting the blame: Donald Trump

The University of Illinois is funding a “Diversity Lecture Series,” including a lecture from a speaker who said Trump voters had “cast their lot in with the KKK.”

Interim Dean James D. Anderson plans to host seven scholars, who will each be giving a lecture, followed by a fireside chat, which “will give participants an opportunity to discuss ways in which the College can take real action toward advancing equity and inclusion, especially as they pertain to workplace wellness.”

Dr. Dafina-Lazarus Stewart and Dr. Dian Squire are the two Fall 2016 speakers for the lecture series. Stewart and Squire teach at Bowling Green State University and Iowa State University, respectively.

Dr. Stewart, whose personal pronouns, according to her Twitter, are “ze/zim/zir,” “will call attention to the gap between focusing attention on compositional diversity and actually doing the work necessary to foment and sustain institutional transformation toward greater racial justice.”

The University of Illinois proceeds to describe the backdrop of Dr. Squire’s talk.

“In the wake of material instances of white supremacy,” states the university, “it is no longer enough to provide statements of support, minor policy changes, or conduct another campus climate survey.”

“The evidence is clear: U.S. colleges and universities are built upon historical roots of racism and white supremacist normativity, which needs to change.”

Guests of Dr. Squire’s lecture and chat “will leave with the knowledge to reframe the way they examine current institutional organizations as shaped by their white supremacist histories and discover more in the way of international graduate admissions infused with neoracist and neoliberal action.”

Here are some of the thoughts the two doctors have regarding President-Elect Trump:

The University of Illinois has scheduled five more talks by different speakers regarding privilege, “inclusive institutional environments,” and “the continued importance of racial/ethnic cultural centers” for the Spring 2017 semester.

The Dean’s Diversity Lecture Series is sponsored by the University of Illinois’ College of Education, Office of the Provost, and the Office of Community College Research and Leadership.

Pictured below is a chart showing the declining percentage and amount of state taxes received by the university in recent years.


While the University of Illinois received nearly $1.5 billion of state funding for 1980, that number has since dropped to 2% of the state’s tax dollars, amounting to a still-significant $672.2 million in Illinois taxpayer money. 

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