Report: Hacker Breaches ‘Lazy’ FBI Website Security


A hacker claims to have breached the FBI’s official website for the second time, describing their security systems as “lazy.”

The hacker, who goes by the name CyberZeist, reportedly breached the FBI’s website and posted some of the private information he obtained to the open source site Pastebin.

“This leak is totally devoted to the Anonymous Movement,” he wrote.

CyberZeist reportedly exposed a vulnerability in the Plone Content Management System (CMS) of the FBI’s, reportedly penetrating the website’s systems without prior warning.

RT reports Google and federal agencies such as the CIA also use the Plone CMS security system.

The data obtained by CyberZeist reportedly included information on 155 FBI agents, including personal details such as their names, email addresses, and passwords.

CyberZeist claims he hacked the website merely to show the FBI’s vulnerabilities, describing the FBI’s webmaster as having a “very lazy attitude.”

“I was assigned to test out the zero day vulnerability on FBI and Amnesty website,” he wrote, adding that the agency’s security provider was “too afraid to use it against the FBI website.”

It is not the first time that CyberZeist has successfully hacked the FBI. In 2011, he stole 250 email addresses and passwords from the website by using a phishing scam which feigned the appearance of a login portal.

After his most recent hack, CyberZeist asked his Twitter followers who would they most like to be his next hacking target, with 37.3% of respondents opting for banking corporations.

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