Antifa Groups Fails to Shut Down Campus Event On ‘Thought Policing’


A local “anti-fascist” group failed to shut down an event last Friday at Portland State University featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, Dave Rubin, and philosophy professor Peter Boghossian after announcing plans to do so on the group’s Facebook page.

The event, which was a discussion on thought policing and censorship, was targeted by a local anti-fascist group, the Rose City Antifa, who announced plans to derail the event.

PSU has decided to host anti-feminist, right-wing speakers this Friday.
This is a message that PSU has thrown their lot in with the fascist
onslaught on education and the silencing of dissent. This kind of script-
flipping bullshit, where oppressed people asking to be recognized as
humans is framed as impinging on the “right“ of privileged people to be
bigots, needs to be vigorously opposed. Melt these snowflakes by
disrupting their fascist safe space!

The group quickly retreated after learning that other student organizations had planned alternative events that students could attend instead of Sommers’ and Rubin’s discussion about thought policing.

“As we have learned about the intention of other organizations to attend this event in an effort to create a counter narrative to Sommers, we have decided to not move forward with our planned disruption,” the group said in a statement posted to their Facebook page.

Rubin expressed confusion over the backlash from the protest group, specifically challenging the claim that the event was anti-LGBT.

“They were saying we were anti-LGBT,” said Rubin, who is married to a man. “I did some pretty LGBT stuff last night.” The audience roared in laughter. Rubin quickly added, “Actually, there was no ‘L’ stuff.”

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