WikiLeaks: CIA Hackers Keep Guide on How to Pirate Windows 8


Hackers at the CIA keep a file with instructions on how to pirate Windows 8, according to WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 data dump.

“Don’t want to pay for (sic) Wndows? The CIA’s hackers have a pirate guide to skip product key activation,” taunted WikiLeaks in a post to Twitter on Tuesday, along with the link to the particular leaked file.

In the file from 2013, the CIA’s “User #3375374” explains in easy-to-follow steps how you can bypass Windows 8’s product key activation stage and thus get away with using the operating system for free.

Other revelations from WikiLeaks’ CIA Vault 7 dump include the fact that the agency hoards “zero day” exploits, despite President Obama’s promise to end the practice, and how they have “the ability to hack mobile phones, TVs, and even computers that are not connected to the internet.”

The leaks also reveal that the agency wants the ability to take control of your car, while they also keep a list of “awesome tool names” for potential programs, which were largely based off of sci-fi movies and television shows and included names such as “face hugger” (a reference from Alien), ” “eldritch abomination” (a reference to H.P. Lovecraft), and “weeping angel” (a reference to Doctor Who).

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