Saudi Man Sentenced to Death for Atheist Social Media Videos

islam protest
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Saudi Arabian citizen Ahmad Al Shamri has been sentenced to death on charges of “atheism” and “blasphemy” after he uploaded several anti-Islam videos to social media.

“[Shamri] first came to the authorities’ attention in 2014 after allegedly uploading videos to social media in which he renounced Islam and the Prophet Mohammed,” reported The Independent. “He was arrested on charges of atheism and blasphemy and held in prison before being convicted by a local court and sentenced to death in February 2015.”

He lost his second appeal earlier this week, where he claimed to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time.

Shamri started to trend on Twitter this past week as many Muslim users celebrated his sentencing.

“If you’re a lowkey atheist that’s fine. But once you talk in public & criticize God or religion, then you shall be punished,” said one post, according to The Independent.

“I wish there could be live streaming when you cut his head off,” said another.

In March, Breitbart News reported that more citizens of Saudi Arabia had joined ISIS than any other country.

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