CNN’s Chris Cuomo Asked Followers If They Should Dox Reddit User, Before Deleting Tweet


CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked his Twitter followers whether the network should dox a Reddit user who made an anti-CNN meme, before deleting the post on Wednesday.

“Should CNN reveal name of Reddit user who made trump wrestling video?” asked Cuomo on Twitter. “Had a lot of bigoted and hateful material on page and website.”

The tweet was quickly removed, with Cuomo claiming he had deleted the tweet “because this [is] not a simple tweet discussion.”

In an early Wednesday morning tweet, Cuomo challenged another CNN critic over their online anonymity.

On Tuesday, CNN was accused of appearing to threaten to reveal the personal identity of a user who had allegedly created the iconic Trump vs. CNN wrestling GIF after tracking down his real identity and contacting him.

Dozens of celebrities, commentators, politicians, and journalists criticized the network, while “#CNNBlackmail” became the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Other former and current CNN employees celebrated and defended the network’s perceived threat to track down an anonymous private citizen, including producer Donie O’Sullivan.

“This is great reporting by KFILE,” declared O’Sullivan. “Horrible, racist keyboard warriors change tune once identified.”

O’Sullivan then went on to claim that he “tracked down” a “troll” previously, before making him apologize.

After talk show host and former The Young Turks commentator Dave Rubin claimed CNN’s actions were extortion, former CNN Senior Producer Josh Rubin replied, “No the message is that actions have consequences and that CNN’s journalists actually have a soul.”

“Guy named HansAssholeSolo, who posted original WWE Trump vs CNN clip, has done what the 45th President of the US has never done, apologize,” added CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

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