Weinstein to Evergreen Board: Campus Descended into ‘Literal Anarchy’


Embattled professor Bret Weinstein addressed the Evergreen State College Board of Trustees during a hearing at the college on Wednesday.

“Let me say I think you probably all know that I’ve tried to reach the Board privately so that I could discuss what I believe I know has taken place on this campus—not in a public forum—and that has come to nothing so I find myself talking to you here,” Weinstein told the Trustees at a hearing on Wednesday morning.

“I believe that you are all well-intentioned,” he added. “I’m forced to concede that you must not fully understand what has happened, because if you did…you would be forced to act in the interest of Evergreen.”

“Do you know that the college descended into literal anarchy? And that for days the campus was not under the control of the state?” Weinstein asked. “It was under the control of protesters. There were assaults, there were batteries, there was pressure to not report crimes to the police.”

“People were, by legal definition, I believe, kidnapped and imprisoned, that included faculty members and administrators,” he charged. “Others were hunted on campus. That lawless bands roamed the campus unimpeded. Police were physically and intentionally blocked from campus by protesters.”

One Evergreen student complained at the hearing about the lack of viewpoint diversity on campus and alleged that she was told that she couldn’t speak at several school meetings because she was white.

“People are becoming more violent and the campus is becoming less safe,” she said. “I’ve been to several meetings to speak. I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white. This school seems to focus so much on race that it’s actually becoming more racist in a different sort of way. Because I choose not to focus on race, I’ve been labeled a racist and a white supremacist. If anyone took the time to get to know me, that’s not true at all, but that’s what I’ve been labeled.”


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