Bad News for Weiners of the World: ‘D**k Pic Locator’ Site Is Here


Swedish web designer Per Axbom has designed a website dedicated to tracing unsolicited genital photos to their source.

From “AirDropping” explicit pics on the subway to graphic unsolicited come-ons from overly enthusiastic suitors, the world’s cell phones are chock full of dicks — both figurative and literal. In an effort to render perverts digitally impotent, one Swedish web designer has decided to force them to put their money where their, uh, mouths are. has already been used to attach more than 7,500 penises back to their respective roots at the time of this writing. To do so, it sifts through the “metadata” attached to almost any image taken with a phone. This information often includes the time, date, type of device used, and even the GPS coordinates for where it was taken.

This isn’t a new idea — plenty of websites and tools are already available to extract information from images. Axbom’s specific purpose is to shine a light on those who deliberately seek to use modern technology to sexually harass others. But that isn’t the end, either. He hopes that the project also helps to create a dialogue around image sharing tech in general:

My greater concern is that hardware and software developers are not making it utterly clear to people that this data is being used, it is being tracked and being uploaded to private companies when they use their service to share your photo.

Maybe, just maybe, this can also make men think twice before sending unsolicited photos of their privates.

And keeping any of us from exposing ourselves — whether you are a Per Axbom or a Carlos Danger — is an idea worth considering.

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