Google Security Team Founding Member: No One Is Safe from Cyber Attacks

The arrest of a security researcher by the FBI after the Def Con gathering of hackers has delivered a shock to the computer security community

A founding member of Google’s security team claimed no one is safe from cyber attacks this week during the TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 conference.

Heather Adkins, a cybersecurity expert who has protected Google’s tech for fifteen years, warned during an on-stage interview that cyber attacks “can happen to anyone… anywhere.”

According to CNBC, Adkins declared “no one is safe from internet attacks and software powered by artificial intelligence can’t help defend them” during the conference and “advised consumers not to put sensitive personal information in their online communications.”

Adkins also reportedly claimed, “I delete all the love letters from my husband,” and added “some stuff” like personal information should never be sent as emails.

Instead of investing in more technology, the cybersecurity expert “urged startups to assume they would get hacked eventually and to prepare a response plan,” according to the report.

“The techniques haven’t changed. We’ve known about these kinds of attacks for a long time,” Adkins claimed. “AI is good at spotting anomalous behavior, but it will also spot 99 other things that people need to go in and check.”

In response to a question which asked what businesses can do to keep their networks most secure, Adkins also reportedly replied, “more talent… less technology, advising them to “pay some junior engineers and have them do nothing but patch.”

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