Sewanee University Students Organize Event to Counter Christina Hoff Sommers Lecture


Organizers at Sewanee: The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, have put together an event to counter an upcoming lecture from “factual feminist” Christina Hoff Sommers.

Student activists at Sewanee University are organizing against an upcoming lecture featuring Christina Hoff Sommers by planning an alternative event that students are invited to attend following the conclusion of Ms. Sommers’ event.

Sommers runs a popular web series called the “Factual Feminist” which challenges prevailing feminist dogma, such as campus rape culture and the gender wage gap. The series has earned her the wrath of third-wave feminists, who reject her brand of feminism on the basis that it isn’t “intersectional” enough.

The activists published a two-page document called “The Modern Feminist Fact Sheet” that argues that there are no biological and evolutionary differences between the sexes. “Gender has been socially constructed,” the sheet reads.

“Feminism is NOT equity feminism because Equity feminists believe in the biological and evolutionary origins of sexual difference, not that gender has been socially constructed,” the document explains.

The group has also organized an event called  “Alternative ‘Factual Feminist,'” which is scheduled to take place immediately following Sommers’ lecture. Panelists at the event will focus on “the importance of intersectionality, inclusivity, and safety.”

Writing for the Washington Examiner, Emily Jashinsky commented that the group’s plans are somewhat ironic considering that their event on inclusion centers on ensuring that classical feminists like Sommers are excluded from their movement.

“That’s right, after disseminating a document that actively excludes Sommers from the feminist movement, event organizers plan to speak with authority on the importance of inclusion,” Jashinsky wrote.


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