Elon Musk Makes S’mores on Roof of His ‘Gigafactory’ After Hundreds Laid Off

The Associated Press

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk camped out on the roof of his “Gigafactory” this week after hundreds of workers were fired from Tesla and its subsidiary SolarCity.

In an Instagram post, Musk could be seen with several others around a campfire on the roof, along with the caption: “Campfire on the Gigafactory roof.”


In a video, Musk roasted marshmallows over the fire, with a glass of whiskey in hand, as he sang Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”


“Whiskey, fire, s’mores and JC,” he captioned the video. “Also, hotdog or not hotdog?”

On Thursday, Musk explained his reason for camping on the factory roof, claiming it was easier than driving to a hotel.

“Btw, just want to express a word of appreciation for the hard work of the Tesla Gigafactory team,” he posted on Twitter. “Reason I camped on the roof was because it was less time than driving to a hotel room in Reno. Production hell, ~8th circle…”

This week, more than 200 employees were fired from Tesla subsidiary SolarCity, following between 400-700 Tesla employees being laid off last week. A robot also mocked Musk’s fears over artificial intelligence during a tech summit in Saudi Arabia where it was awarded citizenship.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak also took a swing at Musk this week, claiming there is “way too much hype” surrounding the Tesla CEO and his company.

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