Report: Self-Driving Bus Crashes Within Two Hours of Launch in Las Vegas

A self-driving shuttle, like the one pictured here, was involved in a minor bang-up with a

A self-driving bus crashed just two hours after its launch in Las Vegas, according to a report.

The bus, which was launched in Las Vegas and can transport up to 12 passengers at a time, reportedly “crashed with a semi-truck.”

According to a report, the bus “has an attendant and a computer monitor, and uses GPS and electric curb sensors instead of brake pedals or a steering wheel.”

The human driver of the other vehicle was reportedly at fault, and there are no reported injuries from the incident.

In March, Uber issued a nationwide suspension of self-driving cars following numerous crashes.

In one incident, an autonomous Uber car in Tempe, Arizona, was flipped on its side after an accident, which caused visible damage to both vehicles, while in another, a Google self-driving car collided with a bus.

Last year, a cybersecurity expert also claimed it was possible to hack and derail a self-driving car with just $43 and a laser pointer.

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