University of Wyoming Conservative Group Defunded After Hosting Dennis Prager

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

A conservative group at the public University of Wyoming has had its school funding revoked after they hosted an event featuring conservative commentator Dennis Prager.

The student newspaper at the University of Wyoming reported last week that the student government’s finance committee suspended the school’s funding for it’s Turning Point USA chapter until 2019, partially due to the group’s decision to host conservative commentator Dennis Prager.

According to the report, the finance committee alleges that Turning Point USA failed to follow certain protocols regarding event planning. They also allege that it was “inappropriate” to use their funds to host Prager.

“I think the question these students clearly need to ask themselves is, ‘Was Prager’s visit, was the ensuing mess worth it?’” a University of Wyoming student cited in the school’s newspaper argued. “Somebody could have done so much good with $10,000 so it’s a shame to see students and student fees get used to promote Prager who will only profit on our backs.”

Monika Leininger, a graduate student, told the student newspaper that Turning Point USA was trying to divide the campus by bringing Prager to speak. “Turning Point ended up being just as we thought they were,” she argued. “Disorganized, irresponsible in following University protocol and haphazard with the funds provided partly by student dues. They brought in a speaker that aimed to separate the Wyoming community and I’m relieved they are given a probationary period to rethink their procedures in putting on events like this.”

Prager’s lecture was entitled “Socialism Makes People Selfish.” Prior to its scheduled date, members of the student government attempted to shut it down.

Hunter McFarland, the school’s director of diversity for the student government told the College Fix prior to the event that he hoped the event would be canceled. Dennis Prager “is an anti-academic, rape advocate who spews hate speech against Muslims, Black people, Latinas, and many other groups who deserve to be protected at the University of Wyoming,” he said at the time.

The school’s Turning Point USA chapter President, Jessica Leach, says that they have begun the appeals process to reinstate their funding. “We have begun a formal appeals process to reinstate our funding by lodging a complaint with the RSO Funding Board,” she explained. “We’re also looking to maybe do a Go Fund Me page and also start some fundraisers after the success of this event.”


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