Tributes Pour In for YouTube Star John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain

YouTube Star John TotalBiscuit Bain, who passed away this week from cancer
YouTube/ David Pakman Show

Tributes poured in for popular video game commentator John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, following the announcement of his death on Thursday at the age of 33.

Bain, who had been battling cancer since 2014, passed away on Thursday — several weeks after he announced he didn’t “have long left.”

His death was announced on Twitter, both on his account and by his wife, Gemma Bain.

Bain received tributes from game developers, publishers, YouTube stars, eSports figures, actors, and other public figures who celebrated his work and legacy, and thanked the commentator for his contribution to the gaming industry and community.

Throughout his cancer fight, Bain discussed the illness on podcasts and other media, including the popular H3H3 podcast.

In an update several weeks ago, Bain updated his fans on his medical condition.

“When I went into hospital a week or so ago, it was accompanied by the news that conventional chemotherapy effectiveness had been exhausted. My body has become resistant to all forms of it according to my oncologist,” he declared. “46 chemo treatments, 138 days plugged into a pump. Let nobody ever say I wasn’t stubborn. Unfortunately, this was followed up a couple of days later with some more bad news. My liver is failing and its effectiveness has lowered past the point where the clinical trials I had been offered would take me on.”

“Yes, apparently there are things that are too dangerous for even the terminal. Obviously we’re going to keep looking for other trials but I’m currently coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have long left and right now at any rate, there is literally nothing I can do about it other than try to manage the pain as best as possible and stay as hydrated as possible to ease the pressure on the liver,” Bain explained. “That’s what it comes down to now, getting my quality-of-life to as good a standard as possible. Even though you don’t really have any treatments to fight with any more, I firmly believe that the will to live is a very strong asset and that is much easier to maintain when you’re not in crippling pain all the time.”

Bain also claimed that it would “most likely” be his “last health update.”

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