Facebook Censors Pro-Trump Page as Company Denies Censorship Before Congress

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

“God Emperor Trump,” a popular pro-Trump Facebook page, has been removed from Facebook for the sixth time on the same day that the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe denied to Congress that it routinely censoring conservatives.

“No posts were removed from the page, none of the page’s staff were banned from the platform, and nobody was given the customary ‘Session Expired’ notification users receive when they go against one of Facebook’s Community Standards. Instead, our team was given a notification that God Emperor Trump was unpublished with no explanation,” declared the page in a statement. “This is the sixth time our page has been purged by Facebook in some form.”

The page has previously been removed five times, only to be restored later following complaints.

On the same day that the Facebook page was removed, a Facebook representative appeared before the House Judiciary Committee for a hearing on social media censorship.

“Freedom of expression is one of our core values, and we believe that the Facebook community is richer and stronger when a broad range of viewpoints is represented,” claimed Facebook’s Head of Global Policy Management. “We are committed to encouraging dialogue and the free flow of ideas by designing our products to give people a voice and by implementing standards to ensure fair and transparent processes for removing content that doesn’t belong on Facebook.”

“I do want to acknowledge the video bloggers known as Diamond and Silk. We badly mishandled our communications with them and since then we have worked hard to improve our relationship. We appreciate the perspective they add to our platform,” Bickert continued, referencing Facebook’s previous sanctions and claims that the conservative commentators were “unsafe to the community.”

Many Democratic congressmen claimed during the hearing that censorship against conservatives was a false conspiracy theory.

Dozens of popular Facebook pages have been removed in the past, including comedy pagesanti-feminist pages, men’s rights pages, anti-Hillary Clinton pages, and the page of conservative commentator Pamela Geller.

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