InfoWars App Overtakes CNN on Charts, CNN Lobbies Apple to Censor

Infowars App Alex Jones

After the InfoWars app overtook CNN on Apple’s charts, ranking as the fourth most popular free app, the cable network lobbied Apple to remove the app from its platform.

InfoWars shot up the charts following censorship of its accounts on most major platforms, which ended with the network being banned from YouTube, Facebook, Apple podcasts, and Spotify.

As of this writing, InfoWars is currently the fourth most popular free app on the Apple App Store, beating CNN, the New York Times, Google News, HuffPost, and dozens of other mainstream news outlets.

InfoWars’ growing success on the App Store prompted CNN to call for further censorship.

“Apple and Google are still selling the InfoWars app, which contains some of the same type of content that both tech giants have pulled from elsewhere on their platforms,” posted CNN on Twitter, following their previous successful campaign to get InfoWars removed from Facebook, Spotify, Apple podcasts, and YouTube.

The post was also retweeted by CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy, who has repeatedly pushed for InfoWars’ censorship.

Darcy has also been lobbying for InfoWars to be banned on Twitter.

“Twitter remains Jones’ only big portal to mainstream conversation… It was the only major social media company to take no action against Jones on Monday,” Darcy proclaimed on Tuesday, before adding, “I don’t think we are going to be seeing big tech take action against Fox News or the Daily Caller any time soon.”

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