CNN Joins ‘Free Press’ Protest After Campaign to Blacklist Infowars

Alex Jones and Infowars banned from tech platforms at the behest of CNN and Democrats
Infowars, CNN, Alex Wong/Getty

CNN, who led the campaign to have Infowars blacklisted from nearly every social network and Big Tech platform, joined in the protest this week to call out President Trump for allegedly attacking the “free press.”

“We are members of the community ‘trying to do a job,’ driven by ‘by a set of principles that demand objectivity, independence, open-mindedness and the pursuit of the truth.’ We deserve better from the man who holds the most powerful position in the world,” declared CNN in one article, while in another, titled, “These are the newspapers telling Trump that journalists are not the enemy,” the news outlet compiled a list of other mainstream news outlets who are also protesting President Trump.

On CNN’s Reality Check, the news outlet also proclaimed, “The free press is not the enemy of the people.”

Despite its campaign in support of the “free press,” CNN led the successful movement to pressure technology companies and social networks into blacklisting Infowars this month.

Infowars was banned from Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, Apple podcasts, MailChimp, Disqus, and Vimeo, while CNN also successfully pressured Twitter into temporarily suspending Alex Jones.

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