CNN Continues to Lobby Twitter for Infowars Purge

Alex Jones and Infowars banned from tech platforms at the behest of CNN and Democrats
Infowars, CNN, Alex Wong/Getty

CNN is continuing its effort to pressure Twitter into banning InfoWars, following the mass purge pushed by the news outlet this week.

In an article, CNN senior reporter Oliver Darcy compiled a list of posts which he believed violated Twitter’s terms of service rules, including criticism of Islam and “rants against drag queens.”

Darcy and CNN believe that it violates Twitter’s rules to claim that the Crusades were a “defensive measure.” One of the items on Darcy’s list reads:

A November 2017 video posted to Twitter by InfoWars claimed The Crusades were a “defensive” measure. In the video, Jones suggesting individuals of the Muslim faith were invading Europe. He shouted, “And we are going to stop you again! Do you understand?!”

He also lists an example of Jones complaining about drag queens reading books to children. Breitbart News has reported on the controversy of drag queens reading to children as recently as this week.

CNN led the pressure campaign to get Infowars banned from nearly all large technology services and platforms, while other mainstream media outlets have also supported the campaign.

CNN’s Brian Stelter has also been personally involved in the campaign against Infowars, mocking Alex Jones during one of his livestreams.

Despite CNN’s efforts to get Infowars purged from Twitter, the social network has so far refused to remove the associated accounts.

Infowars has been banned from Facebook, Google’s YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MailChimp, and Disqus.

After the InfoWars app on the Apple App Store overtook CNN, CNN also attempted to get InfoWars removed from the App Store.

On Wednesday, InfoWars became the number one trending app on Google’s Play Store.

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