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Radical Censor Nominated for Biden’s FTC: Alvaro Bedoya Attacked Breitbart, Wants Fox News Blacklisted, Smeared Blackburn, Hyped CRT

Alvaro Bedoya, the far-left academic that the Biden administration has nominated to be a commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), previously sat on the board of an organization that called for an advertiser boycott of the Fox News Channel, condemned Breitbart News, and called Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) a “swamp dweller.”

Alvaro Bedoya is up for FTC

Michael Avenatti Bars Media from His Own Testimony in Bankruptcy Court

Michael Avenatti told CNN: “I’m all for freedom of the press and open access. But everything has its limits. My personal financial dealings and that of an old law firm are of no relevance and, you know, were not going to be leveraged by other people who are trying to get famous and take advantage of the situation.”

Michael Avenatti (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)