Disqus Bans Infowars from Comments Platform Amid Big Tech Purge

Alex Jones Infowars

Disqus, the popular user comments system, has banned InfoWars from using its service amid the Big Tech purge which has seen Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, and more ban Infowars and Alex Jones from their platforms.

Infowars founder Alex Jones announced the ban on Twitter, Tuesday, publishing a screenshot of the email sent to him from Disqus.


“We are reaching out to inform you that your organization, Infowars, is in violation of the terms of use of the Disqus service,” claimed Disqus in their email. “Because of this, Disqus is unable to offer continued discussion services for your organization.”

“As of Today, Disqus is terminating services for the shortnames ‘nfocom’, ‘europe-infowars’, ‘Newswars’, ‘infowarspaulrevere’, ‘prisonpcom’, and ‘planetinfowars’,” it continued. “Additionally Disqus is blocking the domains ‘infowars.com’, ‘newswars.com’, and ‘prisonplanet.com’.”

A Disqus spokesperson commented to Breitbart News, “Yesterday, after careful review, we removed Disqus from Infowars and associated sites for multiple violations of our Basic Rules for Disqus-powered Sites.”

Following a left-wing and mainstream media pressure campaign involving CNN, Big Tech platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Apple podcasts, Spotify, LinkedIn, and MailChimp banned InfoWars and Jones from their platforms for “hate speech,” and “hateful content,” despite refusing to state what the hateful content was.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets also attempted to get InfoWars banned from Twitter and the Apple App Store, where InfoWars’ app overtook CNN following the purge.

On Monday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared Silicon Valley companies “must do more than take down one” conservative website.

“The survival of our democracy depends on it,” he proclaimed.

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