Elizabeth Heng: Big Tech Can ‘Swing Elections as They Censor Conservative Voices’

GOP candidate Elizabeth Heng whose ad has been reinstated by Facebook
Facebook/Elizabeth Heng

Elizabeth Heng, the Republican nominee running to represent California’s 16th Congressional District, warned of left-wing technology companies’ increasing capacity to determine electoral outcomes. She offered her remarks in a Thursday interview with Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and the Foreign Desk’s Lisa Daftari for SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

Earlier on Thursday, Twitter blocked a campaign video advertisement of Heng’s. It described Heng’s video as containing “inappropriate content” deemed “offensive, vulgar, or obscene.”

Heng said. “The biggest message I wanted to give to [my] community was that great things can come from great adversity, and apparently Facebook and Twitter didn’t like that message. My parents came here as refugees, worked hard, and basically invested in my brothers and me to live that American dream.”

Heng added, “Once again, we have these huge tech giants that continue to stifle conservative voices. You can’t get that message out. What if this had happened with Facebook and Twitter five days before the election? That could completely swing elections for us going forward as they censor conservative voices.”



A political advertisement of Heng’s was censored by Facebook last week. The social media company informed Heng that her commercial — which referenced communist-driven atrocities in Cambodia, her parents’ country of origin — contained “shocking, disrespectful, or sensational content.”

The ad was restored following Breitbart News’s reporting of Facebook’s political censorship.

Heng said, “It’s liberal tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter that continue to attack conservative voices. So that was my story with Facebook last week, and I couldn’t believe today when I was told that the story of my family living through genocide in Cambodia and coming to the United States as legal refugees is somehow offensive. Twitter said it was ‘obscene.’”

Heng wondered how many other persons and outlets had been censored by left-wing technology companies.

“They have now allowed [my advertisement] to be back online,” said Heng. “This goes to show, what about everybody else that doesn’t have a national platform or is running for office? What voices are being stifled on these platforms? Why is that Twitter of Facebook can determine whose story is being told?”

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