DOJ Investigating Suppression of Free Speech on Campus

Free Speech College
AFP PHOTO/Josh Edelson

Attorney General Jeff Session announced this week that the Department of Justice is investigating the suppression of free speech on campus.

According to a report from The Hill, Jeff Sessions announced this week that the Department of Justice is investigating speech suppression on campus. The comments were made during a forum on free speech in higher education that was put on by the Department of Justice. “Make no mistake, this Department of Justice is concerned about the suppression of speech that is now occurring,” Sessions said during the event, which took place on Monday.

“This has gone too far. It must end. This country protects noisome assembly, immoderate speech and provocative speech. Whether left or right. Suppression of competing voices is not the American way,” Sessions added.

Sessions pointed to several examples of speech suppression, including a policy that barred a student from handing out Spanish-language copies of the American Constitution outside of Pierce College’s free speech zone.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos chimed in on the topic at a separate event that was held on Monday. “[Universities] too often attempt to shield students from ideas they subjectively decide are hateful or offensive or injurious or ones they just don’t like,” DeVos said.

Breitbart News has been relentlessly covering the speech suppression trend in higher education over the past several years. Breitbart News dedicated dozens of stories to the chaos at Evergreen State College, which focused on the intense backlash faced by Professor Bret Weinstein who was chased off campus after he pushed back against a diversity initiative that asked all white members of the community to leave campus for the day.


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