The Best of the Presidential Alert Notification Memes

presidential alert test
Getty/Timothy A. Clary

Following the test of the Presidential Alert system which displayed a notification on all U.S. citizens’ phones, users across the Internet turned the notification into a meme — re-writing the contents of the notification for comedic effect. Breitbart Tech has rounded up the best memes for your enjoyment.

Breitbart News has compiled a number of memes from across Twitter and the Internet that parody the Presidential Alert system that was recently tested, a few favorites can be seen below:

One Twitter user replaced the original alerts text with the text of a tweet sent by President Trump to the rapper Kanye West.

Another implied that Trump accidentally attempted to order McDonald’s delivery using the alert:

One meme showed a picture of Trump speaking to a young boy who recently asked the President if he could he mow the White House lawn, the image implies that Trump shouted the text of the Presidential Alert at the boy as he worked:

Another joked that Trump mistook the Presidential Alert system for Google:

Even users on websites such as Reddit got in on the joke, with this meme implying that there is a group text chat between former U.S. Presidents:

Some corporate accounts got in on the meme with a Chick-fil-A branch tweeting a meme about President Trump buying the fast food for everyone that received the notification:

Other tweets mocked those that were “triggered” by the tweets, with one implying that people upset about the alert should contact lawyer Michael Avenatti:

PresYouTuber Philip DeFranco commented on the popularity of the Presidential Alert tweets and memes were with a very simple tweet:

The Presidential Alert system seems to have at least done its job of making everyone aware of the system’s existence.

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