Yale University Hosts Event to Help Illegal Aliens Get Jobs

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Yale University hosted a symposium on Friday that advised illegal immigrants on how to navigate the United States job market, as well as informing women that they are placed at a “disadvantage” in their careers.

Yale University hosted a symposium on “equity in search for STEM jobs” on Friday, which included advice on how to avoid supposed “gender bias in applications,” as well as information for illegal immigrants on how they can search for jobs.

One workshop aimed at helping participants “recognize situational factors” that allegedly place females at a “disadvantage” in the workplace, according to the event description.

Another session, called, “Avoiding Gender Bias in Application Materials” talked about “how the language that women and men use in job search materials” is influenced by “our implicit gender biases.”

“To brush aside statistics noting that women, more often than men, choose careers oriented around empathy and justice rather than salary or prestige, ignores reality,” said Yale student Carson Macik, according to a report by Campus Reform.

“Women graduate college at higher rates than men and generally have more opportunities for scholarships and internship opportunities through diversity outreach programs, an advantage men can’t claim,” added the student.

“The rest of the day will feature concurrent sessions, including panels and speakers on job searches for non-U.S. residents and undocumented individuals,” continued the symposium description.

A panel entitled, “Being International: Locating Borders within Academia” discussed the “unique issues faced by non-US residents and undocumented individuals” with regards to the transition between academic and industry jobs in different countries.

“If Americans accept undocumented immigrants as justified in their non-compliance with American statutes, we fundamentally change the structure of the American free-enterprise system and enable businesses to take advantage of a person based solely because they are not a citizen,” reacted Macik.

“This harms the average American by deflating salaries and scams the undocumented immigrant by not paying them wages representative of their actual labor,” continued the student.

Yale University is not the only school hosting events that justify and normalize illegal immigration. The University of Illinois Springfield recently hosted a “sanctuary healthcare” event to promote “healthcare for all,” which included illegal immigrants.

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