Lawsuit: Texas Medical School Expels Student Using Doctored Evidence

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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School has been accused of expelling a student using doctored evidence in a lawsuit filed by the man.

According to a report from The College Fix, a Texas medical school is in hot water over after they expelled a student using weak evidence. According to court documents, that evidence was eventually revealed to have been doctored by the student’s ex-girlfriend.

Student Jacob Oliver has been caught in the middle of a botched expulsion by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. According to reports, Oliver’s girlfriend, a drug addict, had been secretly recording their conversations in the hopes of obtaining fake evidence to accuse Oliver of abuse.

The school expelled Oliver but some remained skeptical that the “evidence” was legitimate. Oliver was forced to hire experts to prove that the audio recordings have been doctored to make it seem like he had been abusing his accuser.

In court documents, the judge condemned the school’s mishandling of the dispute, arguing that factual disputes should have lessened the credibility of the accuser.

Here, Oliver and his former roommate had already met with Mihalic prior to the school being in possession of the audio clip and photos, at which time they stated that Rowan had a history of deception and substance-abuse issues. … Also, even though in that meeting Oliver admitted to arguing with Rowan, he denied that there had been any physical assault. …Thus, there were significant factual disputes over what exactly transpired in Oliver’s apartment on May 18, 2016, and UTSW, through its employee Mihalic, had reason to question Rowan’s credibility and motives in reporting Oliver to school police.

Now, Oliver is suing his former medical school over their decision to expel him. Brooklyn College Professor and campus due process expert KC Johnson said that this case highlights a pressing issue on American college campuses. Namely, that campus administrators are not able to achieve justice in the same way that the court system can.

“This case is a good example of a more general problem in TIX tribunals, w/univs forced/choose to make life-altering decisions on basis of wildly incomplete factual records. Hard to imagine expulsion if UT had known that audio file was doctored,” Johnson wrote.

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