California Legislators Want to End Legacy Admissions in Aftermath of College Admissions Bribe Scandal

Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service

California legislators are preparing legislation in response to the college admissions bribe scandal that implicated several universities in the state.

California legislators are drafting a bill that would end legacy admissions at public colleges and universities. According to a press release from Democrat Assemblymember Phil Ting, the bill would prohibit “any California college or university from granting preferential admissions to applicants related to the institution’s donors or alumni, or risk exclusion from the Cal Grant program.”

Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath argued that the new bill would address and correct several flaws in the California public university system.

Here in California, we have created a world-class higher education system rooted in the idea that quality public education is one of the greatest equalizers in our society. The news over the past several days has shaken the public’s confidence in our system. Qualified students should have equal opportunity to access these institutions of higher learning, no matter where they’re from, or how much money their family makes.  As a graduate of our UC system, I am proud to stand with Assemblymembers McCarty and Ting in working to identify and address the inherent flaws in our admissions process and restore faith in fair access for all California students.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, who is one of the legislators behind the proposed bill, said that the bribery scandal has undermined public trust in California’s public universities. “This scandal not only undermines the public trust in the college admissions process but it perpetuates the opportunity gap in our colleges across California,” McCarty said. “For every student admitted through bribery, there was an honest and talented student that was denied an opportunity to go to college,” he added.

The proposed bill would also end administration of the SAT & ACT tests for the purpose of public university admission. The bill’s sponsors will ask public university researchers to study the effectiveness of standardized tests.

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