University of Texas Planned Parenthood Supporter: Abortion Is ‘My Number One Kink’

UT Abortion Supporters
Students for Life/YouTube

Students supporting Planned Parenthood at the University of Texas-San Antonio mocked members of the school’s Students for Life of America group in front of a pro-life display last month. One pro-Planned Parenthood student shouted that “aborting fetuses” is her “number one kink.”

“Planned Parenthood supporters walked through and mocked a Cemetery of the Innocents display put up by the Students for Life group,” said Sarah Zarr, the group’s Texas regional coordinator, according to the organization’s website, “The protesters yelled about how they loved abortion.”

“The students who protested us are in a campus group called Students United for Planned Parenthood,” added Zarr, who said that they began to protest the pro-life display as soon as it was set up, “One girl told me I was using my white privilege and ‘wasn’t allowed to be out there talking about this issue when it affects black women.'”

The regional coordinator said that shortly afterwards, several student protesters arrived with Planned Parenthood signs, and proceeded to shout at the pro-life students.

“They came and stood in the middle of our memorial in the grass with their signs and a girl ran out into the grass yelling ‘I’ve had an abortion,'” said Zarr.

Watch below:

“I’m just so slutty, I got pregnant, so I had to get an abortion,” a student protester can be heard shouting in the video, “I just love sex and aborting fetuses, that’s my number one kink.”

“I had an abortion!” continued the student.

“And you’re proud of it?” inquired a Students for Life member.

“Yes, I’m super proud of it,” answered the protester, taunting the pro-life students, “I am extremely proud of it. I exercise my right to choose — my uterus loves advocating for abortion.”

The protester then began to lead a chant among other pro-abortion students, shouting, “When I say Planned, you say Parenthood! When I say aborted, you say fetuses!”

“For all the women out there, I am so sorry that you have decided to succumb to the system of patriarchy,” shouted the protester at the female pro-life students, “Your mothers betrayed you — hey, hey, what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!”

“Look, there’s mine right there,” the pro-Planned Parenthood student can be heard saying as she pointed down at one of the crosses in the display, insinuating that it represents her own aborted fetus.

The students’ actions mirror a movement called “Shout Your Abortion,” which seeks to celebrate the termination of life, training misguided youth to brag about abortion. The movement even comes equipped with its own coffee table book promoting abortions.

In January, the movement’s creator Amelia Bonow was seen in a viral YouTube video, entitled, “Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion,” where she boasted to children about getting an abortion after having unprotected sex.

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