University of South Dakota Tells White Students to Stop ‘Taking Up Space’

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AFP PHOTO/Josh Edelson

Diversity officials at the University of South Dakota are asking white students to consider if they are “taking up” too much “space” on campus.

According to a report by Campus Reform, programming created by diversity office officials at the University of South Dakota asks white students to consider if they are “taking” too much “space” away from minority students.

“Are you taking up space or contributing to a space?” the graphic reads. The flowchart asks white students to answer a series of questions that determine whether or not they are contributing to the “diversity” of the campus. In practice, the flowchart asks non-minorities to not speak at all in many given situations.

“Will you be representing a relevant minority identity?” the flowchart’s first question ask. “Do you have enough perspective to represent that identity?” it continues.

“Would your participation prevent helpful voices from being heard?” the flowchart adds towards the end. “Does your involvement prevent the exploitation of relevant identities?”

The University of South Dakota’s flowchart may soon be a piece of evidence in an investigation into leftist bias on college campuses. The President of the South Dakota Board of Regents announced in July that he will launch an investigation to ensure that the state’s public institutions are free from bias an indoctrination. In a column on the matter, the president eloquently defended academia as a marketplace of ideas.

In summary, we should not inhibit or promote ideologies of the left or the right. They should all be presented, but none dictated. Balance and common sense are important. Student learning is and must remain the focus of the university experience. Exposure to diverse ideas in political, philosophical, scientific, literary, artistic and other disciplines is an important part of that experience. Manipulated indoctrination into any one of them undermines it. Students overwhelmingly support free speech and diversity, but oppose being forced to fund disruptions by media-starved extremists. We are committed to that end.

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