Cal State Long Beach Students Demand Lockable Doors After Shooting Scare

padlock on a fence

Students at California State University Long Beach demanded lockable classroom doors after a shooting scare that occurred on campus on Monday afternoon.

According to a local news report, students at Cal State Long Beach are calling out administrators over the lack of door locks on campus. On Monday, the university reported that there was a credible shooting threat made against the campus.

“CSULB BeachALERT!” the university police department tweeted on Monday. “The campus has received a credible threat. Everyone on campus is to move indoors and shelter in place immediately. If not on campus, stay away until further notice.”

In response to the tweet, one student tweeted pictures of students sheltered in a classroom. After realizing that the classroom doors were not equipped with locks, students were forced to barricade the door with chairs and desks.

Active shooter threat on campus and this is what we have to result to in order to protect ourselves,” one student wrote in a tweet. “[California State University Long Beach Police Department,] our professors should be able to lock the doors when needed. What is this?” 

“Everybody got really nervous,” one student told reporters. “There were some people who wanted to leave, but the professor told everybody to remain in the classroom and that it was best if we stayed in the classroom.”

Breitbart News reported in 2015 that an alternative high school in Huntingdon Beach, California, had installed security measures including bullet-proof doors and an advanced lock system to protect students in active shooter scenarios.


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