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Cal State Will Keep All 23 Campuses Closed for Spring Semester

California State University has announced that it will keep all 23 campuses closed for the upcoming spring semester. According to a letter written by a university official, Cal State students will likely be asked to continue their courses online until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available.

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430,000 Cal State Students Will Be Forced to Take Social Justice Course

Under a recently adopted policy, undergraduate students at California State University will be required to take an ethnic studies or social justice course to complete their degree. Approximately 430,000 undergraduate students enrolled in the California State University system will be impacted by the new policy.

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Poll: 63% of Princeton Students Would Choose ‘Gap Year’ over Online Classes

A recent poll revealed that a majority of Princeton University students would take a “gap year” if Princeton’s campus did not reopen for the fall semester. A majority of college students polled earlier this spring said that the quality of their education dropped significantly when classes moved online in March at the outset of the Chinese virus pandemic.

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Cal State U. Refuses to Lower Fall Tuition Despite Classes Remaining Online

The Cal State University system announced this week that it will not lower tuition for students across its 23 campuses this fall despite its decision to keep classes online. A majority of college students claim that the quality of their education declined when their courses moved online in March. Cal State Students will even be expected to pay campus-based fees for the fall semester.

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Cal State Will Keep Campuses Closed, All Classes Virtual This Fall

Cal State announced this week that it plans to keep classes online for the fall semester over fears of a second outbreak of the Chinese virus. Cal State is the first large university system in the United States to announce that its campus will remain closed for the fall semester. Its 23 campuses and 500,000 students will not be back on campus in 2020.

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Cal State Chico Profs Accuse College Republicans of Having ‘White Supremacist’ Views for Supporting Trump

Professors at California State University, Chico (CSU, Chico) are accusing the school’s College Republicans student group of harboring “white supremacist” views and subjecting students to “racist provocation” due to their support of President Donald Trump, adding that just because conservative students have free speech rights “does not in any way mean we have to sit by, silently.” The professors’ statement arrives roughly two weeks after the school’s College Republicans chapter president was assaulted on campus.

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