The Left Freaks Out over Facebook’s Fox News Hire

Mark Zuckerberg
Andrew Harnik/AP

Left-wing journalists and activists had a social media meltdown earlier today, after news broke that social media giant Facebook has hired a former Fox News executive producer, Jennifer Williams, to work on Facebook News.

Facebook News is the social network’s official curated feed of handpicked news sources for its users. According to spokesman Adam Isserlis, Williams will “work with other curators to build out how we can add video news components to the curated sections of Facebook News in the future.”

Left-wingers on Twitter reacted with outrage to the news. A Media Matters employee quickly posted an article about the “terrible things that Fox & Friends did while new Facebook News hire Jennifer Williams was a senior producer for the show.”

Far-left activist group Sleeping Giants, which specializes in spreading smears to the advertisers of conservative websites to financially deplatform them, accused Fox of spreading “the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.”

Judd Legum, a former writer for far-left blog ThinkProgress, called on dissatisfied employees of Zuckerberg to come forward.

Progressive environmentalist David Rothschild suggested Republicans run the show at Facebook News.

“Facebook is the new fox news,” said former Media Matters activist Oliver Willis.

A HuffPost editor said Facebook needs to be “completely shut down before it gets any worse.”

Williams previously worked as an executive producer for Fox News’ Daily Briefing with Dana Perino. Perino has enjoyed a closer relationship with Facebook than most; she was invited to attend a behind-closed-doors meeting between Facebook executives and conservative media figures in 2016, following a scandal over the company allegedly suppressing conservative news stories.

More recently, Perino was granted an exclusive interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during which she neglected to ask any questions about the numerous prominent conservatives who are currently banned from the platform.

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