Swiss Chocolatier Will Mass Produce 3D Printed Chocolates

Woman eating chocolate
Koichi Kamoshida /Getty

Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut recently stated that it will be rolling out 3D printed chocolate to hotels, coffee chains, and restaurants soon.

Business Insider reports that in a statement posted on Friday, the Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut stated that it could now produce 3D printed chocolate at scale through it’s new 3D printing chocolate studio, Mona Lisa. The chocolatier stated that the studio was capable of printing thousands of pieces at a time with a “bespoke, hand-made appearance.”

The service is initially expected to launch in certain European countries but could soon expand. The general idea behind the 3D printing studio is that pastry chefs can develop their own designs which could then be produced at scale using 3D printers with the chocolates being featured in hot drinks, pastries, candies, and other desserts.

Pablo Perversi, Barry Callebaut’s innovation head, stated that the studio was a “technological breakthrough innovation that positions the Mona Lisa brand at the forefront of the industry.”

Barry Callebaut may not be a household name, but the firm wields major power in the world of chocolate making. It has manufactured chocolate for major candy brands such as Nestlé, Unilever, and Hershey. Notably, the chocolatier invented “Ruby chocolate,” a pink-hued alternative to milk, white, and dark chocolate.

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