Missouri State U. ‘Bias Incident Response Team’ Called Police over Penis Drawing

police explosion

A public record request revealed this week that police officers were called to respond to a drawing of male genitalia in a Missouri State University residence hall. The drawing was reported by a student to the university’s “bias incident” reporting system, which is utilized by universities and colleges around the nation to curtail politically incorrect conduct and expression.

According to a report by the College Fix, police officers were called to respond to a drawing of a penis that was found on a whiteboard outside of a student’s dormitory room at Missouri State University. Newly released records indicate that the incident occurred in September 2019.

The drawing, which was accompanied by the words “you’re a dick,” was the center of a “bias incident” report investigation. Campus police officers reportedly arrived at the scene to discuss the drawing with resident advisers and campus officials.  The report suggests that the police officers did not take any action in response to the drawing.

The records request revealed several bias incident reports. Another student was reported after being referred to as “Nazi Baby,” an alleged reference to the student’s blonde hair and blue eyes.

“A resident assistant in Wells found two female students writing ‘Hi my name is Slim Shady! or Nazi Baby’ on the whiteboard outside another female student’s door. When asked to explain themselves, the students said ‘Nazi Baby’ was an affectionate nickname they had given the other student in reference to her blonde hair and blue eyes.”

Breitbart News reported in October 2019 that the University of Michigan was forced to eliminate its “bias response team” as part of a First Amendment lawsuit settlement. The lawsuit alleged that the “bias response team” effectively stifled free expression on campus.

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