Bias Incident

U. of Northern Iowa Student: ‘Peanut Day’ Is Discriminatory

A student at the University of Northern Iowa filed a “bias incident” report complaint in response to “peanut day,” an event put on by the university’s dining hall to promote the nutrients in peanuts. According to the report, peanut day is discriminatory against students with peanut allergies.

Peanuts growing on farm

Police Investigating ‘Bias Incident’ at South Seattle College After TPUSA President Stalked by Man in SUV

Police are investigating a hit and run accident they consider a “bias incident” after a man allegedly followed the president of the South Seattle College Turning Point USA (TPUSA) organization with his vehicle as she walked to her car on Thursday. The incident — which occurred following an argument between the two individuals over TPUSA signage on campus — resulted in the conservative student calling 911 after the man struck another vehicle while circling her with his SUV. The suspect is still at large.

South Seattle College TPUSA President