Report: 2 Cornell Students Removed from School Govt for Refusing to Disarm Police

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Two members of the Cornell University student government were removed from their positions as part of a retaliation campaign after they refused to support an effort to disarm the campus police force, according to the students were removed and the Cornell College Republicans. The student assembly said their former peers were removed in response to the “emotional violence” they committed by voting against the disarmament resolution.

According to a report by Newsmax, two members of the student government at Cornell University were removed from their position over their refusal to support a recent initiative to disarm police on campus.

Breitbart News reported in December that student government leaders were harassed by their peers after refusing to vote in favor of a resolution that could have led to the disarming of campus police officers. “I will beat your ass,” one student said at the conclusion of the voting period.

In a statement published in the Cornell student newspaper, the two removed students addressed the toxic culture of the student assembly. The students claimed that the remaining members of the assembly launched a “smear campaign” against the students that refused to vote in favor of disarmament.

In the weeks since the resolution failed, its proponents have launched an unprecedented recall and smear campaign against us. Behind the scenes, they have sought to purge those they disapprove of from S.A., kick perceived opponents off of committees, and remove an officer of the executive committee during the middle of her term. These actions are an affront to the values of our shared governance institutions and harmfully prevent the healthy functioning of the Student Assembly.

Cornell College Republicans President Weston Barker argued that some student activists at the university use intimidation tactics to bully their peers into advancing their preferred agenda.

“These individuals are career harassers who have used and continue to use fear, defamation, and their social status to put down any form of dissent,” Barker said in a short statement. “When those tools fail, they will go to any lengths to achieve their ideologically singular Cornell, without any regard for statute, bylaws, or morality.”

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