Google Docs Will Prompt You to Use ‘Gender-Neutral’ Language to Avoid Offending Anyone

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A new feature in Google Docs will prompt users to write in gender-neutral language in an attempt to avoid offending anyone in the workplace. Soon, if you type “chairman” in Google Docs, the service will prompt you to replace it with “chairperson.”

The Telegraph reports that a new feature in Google Docs will prompt users to write in a more gender-neutral language to avoid causing any offense amongst colleagues or friends.

If a user writes words such as “chairman” or “fireman,” into Google Docs, the feature will automatically suggest words like “chairperson” or “firefighter” instead. This feature will be introduced as part of Google’s new “Smart Canvas,” a collaboration tool designed to make working between Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides easier.

Smart Canvas was unveiled by Google’s General Manager and Vice President of Google Workspace, Javier Soltero, at the Google I/O conference on Tuesday.

The collaboration tool, as well as the Google Docs writing feature, are planned to launch later this year. Google has also updated its developer documentation style guide in an attempt to make its language more inclusive.

The updated style guide does not allow the usage of “ableist” language, unnecessarily gendered language, or violent language.

The style guide provides a number of recommendations, such as instead of saying “there are some crazy outliers in the data,” developers should write: “There are some baffling outliers in the data.”

It also suggests replacing phrases such as “man-hours” with more inclusive terms like “person-hours.” It also suggests changing terms like “it cripples the service,” to “it slows down the service.”

Read more at the Telegraph here.

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