Twitter Censors Dave Portnoy After He Calls Out Business Insider over Hit Piece

Dave Portnoy
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Barstool sports founder Dave Portnoy was suspended from Twitter after posting an email exchange revealing an editor of Business Insider refusing to come on his podcast to discuss the publication’s hit piece about his sex life.

The screenshot showed an email exchange with Nicholas Carlson, the global editor of Business Insider, in which he refuses to accept Portnoy’s invitation.

Portnoy posted the exchange on Instagram too, denouncing Business Insider as “cowards.”

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees

The Barstool founder criticized Twitter for double standards after it failed to take action against Carlson for posting his home address.

“I got suspended from posting on Twitter for 12 hours for posting this,” Portnoy wrote. “Keep in mind Nicholas Carlson posted my actual home address.”

“Nothing like “journalists” who write slanderous hit pieces, put it behind a paywall, use it as marketing to make money and then refuse to defend their work.”

Business Insider published a tell-all story about Portnoy’s sex life last week, interviewing a number of women who consented to sex with the Barstool sports founder and later regretted doing so.

Speaking on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Portnoy said Business Insider had been looking for dirt on him for eight months, and reached out to “every single person” attached to him in an attempt to take him down.

“They just lead you to water and want you to drink with sensationalistic headlines,” said Portnoy. “If I read about myself not knowing me, I’d be like, ‘ooh, this is a bad guy.’ If you dig into it, there’s absolutely nothing there.”

Portnoy also revealed that Business Insider reached out to Barstool’s advertisers, a common tactic used by activist journalists to damage competing publications and media creators and encourage censorship.

A regular guest on Fox News who interviewed Donald Trump during his presidency, Portnoy is a regular target of the woke left for his politically incorrect style. Portnoy has promised other sports commentators not to take their freedom of speech away over woke criticism if they work for Barstool.

In May, Portnoy told his woke critics in the media to “go fuck themselves.” 

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.


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