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Business Insider

Media Urge Twitter to Suspend President Donald Trump

Journalists are increasingly asking — and urging — CNN to suspend or delete President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, as he continues his feud with MSNBC, CNN, and other media outlets that have been hostile to his administration.

Trump tweet press conference (Drew Angerer / Getty)

Time Warner CEO: Democrats, not Trump, Threatened First Amendment

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said Tuesday that the real threat to the First Amendment in the 2016 election had come from Democrats, not from Donald Trump — and that the media had largely missed the threat because of their own partisan bias.

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Report: Half of World’s 30 Million Slaves Are Children

A new article appearing Friday in Digital Journal and Business Insider states that of the estimated 30 million persons held in slavery today, seventy percent are female and fifty percent are children. Writer Kyle Ashmead notes that in absolute figures,


What it’s like to Ride the ‘Train of Death’ from Mexico to the US

Photographer Michelle Frankfurter had traveled to Mexico, the US-Mexico border, and Central America for years, working first as a photojournalist and then as a human-rights worker. During her travels, she heard about a particular route that hopeful migrants take to reach the United States. In 2009, she set out to follow it.

Train of Death

Life in Urumqi, China’s Uyghur Capital

In Urumqi, the capital of China’s northwestern province Xinjiang, residents are still recovering from a violent riot five summers ago between the minority Turkic Muslims — the Uighurs — and the majority Han people.

U.S. at odds with U.K. decision to join China-funded bank

Yahoo!’s CEO Must Go

Like most female tech executives, Marissa Mayer is a feminist’s worst nightmare. For one thing, she is ruthlessly focused on merit, claiming to be “gender blind,” which annoys women-in-tech campaigners no end. They say women should be given special consideration