Arizona State U. Students Demand School Expel Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse after being found not guilty of all charges

A mob of left-wing students at Arizona State University (ASU) are demanding that the school expel Kyle Rittenhouse, who recently enrolled as an online student. The students call Rittenhouse a racist, “blood-thirsty murderer,” despite the fact that he was acquitted of all charges, as a jury found he acted in self defense.

Student groups led by Students for Socialism are planning a Wednesday rally calling on ASU to expel Rittenhouse, who recently enrolled as an online student at the university.



“KILLER OFF CAMPUS,” read a flyer calling for the university to “protect students from a violent, blood-thirsty murderer.”

Rittenhouse’s trial came to a close on November 19, after a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, found the 18-year-old not guilty of all charges.

The socialist students then laid out their list of “demands,” which includes expelling Rittenhouse, who they referred to as a “racist.”

The students called on the university to “Withdraw Kyle Rittenhouse from ASU,” and to “Release a statement against white supremacy [and] racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.”

The demands honing in on “racism” and “white supremacy” are especially bizarre, given that the attackers that Rittenhouse shot in self-defense were all white. Rittenhouse has also said that he supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

The list of demands also called for the university to “Reaffirm support for the multicultural center on campus as a space safe from white supremacy,” as well as “Redirect funding from ASU PD to support the multicultural center and establishment of a CAARE center on campus.”

The protest is also backed by ASU’s Students for Justice in Palestine and the Mexican American student group, MEChA de ASU.

This is not the first time these student groups have called for the expulsion of white students.

In September, several student groups at ASU reacted to a viral video that showed two white students being harassed in the school’s “multicultural center” by claiming the white students “provoked” the harassment, because they displayed a Police Lives Matter sticker, which they referred to as a “white nationalist symbols and slogan.”

MEChA de ASU even called for the “expulsion of the two white male students.”

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