Arizona State University

Arizona State U Faculty, Students Afraid of Nick Sandmann Poster

Students and faculty at Arizona State University are afraid of a poster that has been plastered around campus featuring Covington High School student and hate hoax target Nick Sandmann. A spokesman for the school claims the poster is “hateful rhetoric.”

Covington Catholic High School students

Universities Join Push to Advance Tech Censorship

Professors and staff at several different universities are researching how they can contribute to Big Tech’s censorship push, by means of developing a new system that can “flag” social media posts containing “prejudice.”

Silicon Valley Masters Of Universe

Watch: Johnny Depp Does an Impression of ‘Brat’ Donald Trump

Johnny Depp ripped into GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during a lecture at Arizona State University on Saturday, where he called him a “brat” and offered up several of his best impressions of the billionaire candidate.


ASU to Fire Campus Police Officer Cleared of Wrongdoing

An Arizona State University Campus police officer—cleared of wrongdoing in arresting English professor Ersula Ore on May 20, 2014—has now been told ASU will terminate him “effective January 21.”

ASU campus police dash-cam arrest video