WATCH: YouTubers Claim Experiment with Electric Truck Ends After Mere 85 Miles

A group of YouTubers called Fast Lane Truck tested electric and gas-powered trucks to see how far they could haul a trailer, and the results seemed to speak for themselves.

The test was between an electric Ford F-150 pickup and a GMC Denali Ultimate Edition featuring a gas engine, the Independent Journal Review reported Thursday.

The crew left Longmont, Colorado, with the goal of making it to a fast-charging station in Pueblo, the outlet continued:

The F150 charged up and the GMC filled up before taking to the road. The electric truck’s computer estimated 160 miles of range, which included calculating for the size and weight of the trailer. The gas-powered GMC’s computer, also taking the trailer into account, estimated 264 miles of range.


The electric truck had only traveled 6 miles when the computer recalculated range from 160 to 150 miles, cutting things very close if it was to reach Pueblo. That called for a change of plans — the new charging stop was Colorado Springs, about 45 miles closer.

Fifty miles into the journey, the electric pickup reportedly could not reach Colorado Springs, so the driver later headed toward Castle Rock.

But the gas pickup’s computer apparently said it had 129 miles of range, which was enough to get back to Longmont.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s administration’s recent push for more citizens to drive electric vehicles (EV) has become less viable as EV prices have increased over the last year, according to data.

“The price leap follows President Joe Biden’s call back in March for Americans to purchase an electric car to escape high gas prices, promising to ‘double down’ on his pursuit of green energy,” Breitbart News reported June 28.

To make matters worse, monthly car payments have risen to the highest on record.

According to the YouTubers’ claims, the electric pickup’s computer had trouble calculating the distance and was forced to pull over and charge approximately 85 miles into the trip.


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