‘Anti-Woke’ AI Chatbot ‘GatGPT’ Promises to Remove Constraints of Leftist ‘Safety Filters’

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An AI chatbot named “GatGPT,” developed by Defense Distributed, is positioning itself as an “anti-woke” alternative to mainstream AI chatbots.

In an era where the ethical implications of AI are under intense scrutiny, Defense Distributed has launched GatGPT, a chatbot that aims to be a direct response to criticisms of existing platforms like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google’s Bard, which have been accused of left-leaning biases and avoiding controversial topics. “The danger of training AI to be woke — in other words, lie — is deadly,” Elon Musk had posted, reflecting a growing sentiment among certain groups.

GatGPT is designed to be free of “safety filters” and “woke guardrails,” and is fine-tuned on both general and domain-specific firearm datasets. The team behind the chatbot argues that AI safety measures are often a pretext for political censorship and control. They have also introduced a “Digital Second Amendment,” pledging to protect and distribute “the newest weapons of the digital age” to defend against corporate and governmental influence. Defense Distributed writes:

Our federal government operates in a partnership with large, private firms to anticipate and informally execute the government of the American people regardless of official action. It launders its agenda. After Russiagate and COVID, we all know of the alliance between the tech oligarchies and the national security establishment. Their union has produced a “counter-disinformation” complex whose goal is the total control of the Internet and public speech.

AI journalism is uniformly produced in assistance of the narrative that the public requires regulation in advance of a national security event or, as is more fashionable, because the public cannot be trusted to live online with its own information interests. American journalism is here an extension of our government’s civil service.

Defense Distributed, in releasing GatGPT, declares a Digital Second Amendment. Americans must have access to compute, databases, and AI models, the newest weapons of the digital age, not just to defend ourselves against corporate and government depredation, but to defend our civic identity and humanity.

Ours is not a Magna Carta for Cyberspace. We know the disastrous history and direction of Internet regulation. The Communications Decency Act passed in response to a moral panic over online pornography, and only accidentally yielded the protections of Section 230. The story repeats itself with public and private attempts to regulate the people’s cryptography, printable gun files, and Bitcoin. 

AI regulation is an open and official provocation against the Liberty and Sovereignty of American citizens. All who advocate for it are domestic enemies of the Constitution and must be absolutely opposed. The right of the people to keep and deploy models shall not be infringed.

The release of GatGPT comes at a critical juncture in the debate over AI ethics and regulation. Cody Wilson’s team at Defense Distributed has highlighted a series of events that they believe show a concerted effort by Silicon Valley and Washington, DC, elites to control the narrative around AI. CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, testified before Congress in May 2023, stating, “Government intervention will be critical.”


Read more at Defense Distributed here.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan


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