Semafor: OpenAI and Other Major AI Players Court Corporate Media, Ignore Conservative Outlets

As the integration of artificial intelligence in the news industry accelerates, corporate media outlets are reaping the benefits of becoming training fodder for AI, while many right-leaning publishers find themselves left out in the cold. The result will be ChatGPT and other popular tools that spout leftist answers backed up by the Atlantic, Financial Times, and other left-wing media sources.

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ChatGPT Developer OpenAI Unveils AI Tool to Generate Video Clips

AI giant OpenAI has revealed its newest creation, an AI system named Sora that can generate realistic videos from text descriptions. As AI-generated deepfake videos already cause problems online ranging from fake porn to realistic scam calls, the advent of easy to create video comes with the potential for trouble.

OpenAI logo seen on screen with ChatGPT website displayed on mobile seen in this illustrat

OpenAI, Google, Microsoft Join Biden Administration ‘AI Safety’ Consortium

The Biden administration has launched a consortium of over 200 major tech companies, academic institutions, and research groups to collaborate on developing ethical guidelines and safety standards for AI technology. Biden’s “AI Safety Institute Consortium” claims it has the goal of developing ways to “mitigate AI risks and harness its potential.”


Survey: Half of All Tech Workers Think AI Is Overrated

A recent survey on the state of AI reveals a surprising perspective among tech industry workers, with over half viewing AI as overrated, yet acknowledging its value and potential in the workplace. For many respondents, the major concern with the state of AI platforms such as ChatGPT is the accuracy of the results they produce.

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