Rush Limbaugh: "Texas Had a War on Liberals" with Konni Burton's Election to Wendy Davis' Seat

Rush Limbaugh: "Texas Had a War on Liberals" with Konni Burton's Election to Wendy Davis' Seat

AUSTIN, Texas — For many conservatives in Texas and around the country, Democrat Wendy Davis’ loss last Tuesday to Republican Greg Abbott came with an extra reason to celebrate: Davis’ seat was won by tea party favorite Konni Burton, a Republican from Colleyville. Monday morning, conservative talk radio star Rush Limbaugh joined the chorus of voices singing Burton’s praises and rejoicing in her victory.

In contrast to Davis, who rose to fame after filibustering against Texas’ abortion bill, Burton is staunchly pro-life, as well as deeply conservative on fiscal issues. She was endorsed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and won the enthusiastic support of grassroots conservatives around the state. When the final votes were tallied, Burton had defeated her opponent, Democrat Libby Willis, by more than eleven thousand votes, a 52.19 percent to 45.44 percent margin.

In the Morning Update segment of his Monday morning show, Limbaugh discussed how Davis — who was supposed to be the “noble liberal warrior” fighting for the Democrats — was not just crushed in the Governor’s race, but also now has to see her seat taken by a tea party activist. Limbaugh described how “big out-of-state money kept on pouring in” to support Davis’ campaign “despite one embarrassing misstep after another,” but ultimately “it wasn’t even close” with Abbott winning by twenty points, including winning 52 percent of women.

“The bottom line,” said Limbaugh, “is this defeat has not turned her into a has-been. Politically speaking, Wendy is a never-was.” Then Limbaugh added, “P.S., the [legislative] seat held by Wendy Davis…has been picked up by Konni Burton, Republican, who also happens to be a tea party activist.”

Limbaugh concluded, “The election of Konni Burton means that Republicans in the Texas Legislature are closer to a super majority. Sounds like America and Texas had a war on liberals, and it sounds to me like America won.”

Breitbart Texas spoke to Burton Monday morning by phone and she was thrilled to be mentioned by Limbaugh. Burton told Breitbart Texas that she had received lots of texts, tweets, and Facebook messages from supporters about it. “It’s great that Rush mentioned [my election] because it proves that someone who is a principled conservative can and will win in a swing district,” said Burton, noting that not only did Davis lose, the person who would be taking her seat is politically the polar opposite of her.

“There is a philosophy out there that you have to run a moderate Republican to win in a swing district, and it’s just not true,” continued Burton. “I’m so tired of this mantra that you have to run moderate candidates in order to win. What people are hungry for are principled conservatives, and this race shows that principled conservatives can win, and win big.” 

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