DHS Secretary: ‘Our Borders Are Not Open to Illegal Migration’

DHS Secretary: ‘Our Borders Are Not Open to Illegal Migration’

MCALLEN, Texas — The Secretary of Homeland Security said that America’s borders were not open to illegal “migration” and that those wanting to make the journey illegally would be met with swift deportation. 

Secretary Jeh Johnson traveled to the border city of McAllen to discuss the effects of the executive action on immigration announced by President Barack Obama and to announce an extension of the surge of federal agents in the area.

McAllen is the same city that just months ago was the epicenter of an immigration crisis as thousands of illegal aliens from Central America sought to enter the county. The event overwhelmed the detention facilities and forced authorities to release them while they waited for an immigration hearing.

Johnson said that as part of the new action, he would be overseeing the strengthening of border security in the area by keeping the surge as well as by adding additional infrastructure and other assets to the Texas border.
During a brief meeting with the press, Johnson said that the federal officials would work to expedite the deportation of convicted felons, gang members and individuals who had entered the country after January 1, 2014.

“The message is clear, our borders are not open to illegal migration,” Johnson said. 

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